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I worked in the healing and expressive arts field, combining them with traditional and body therapies for more than 30 years.  I was licensed as a clinical social worker by the Department of Health Professionals in 2012 and practice holistic psychotherapy. I work with older adolescents, adults and couples.  For 10 years I worked with veterans with Post Traumatic Stress and with LBGTQI veteran populations.  Since retiring from the Veteran's Affairs Medical Center in 2019, I currently offer psychotherapy, coaching, teach wellness practices and provide holistic healing modalities in private practice.   


I am a gardener, a reader, love any activity in the outdoors and cooking.  I always have a project of some kind in the works.   My current projects include an Air BnB business, a venue for small weddings, photo shoots and providing a space for renewal and stillness.  I have 3 adult children and 10 grandchildren who I love to spend time with.  


  • LCSW - Virginia Board of Social Work

  • MSW - Master's Social Work from Radford University

  • BS - Bachelor's Sociology with minor in Women's Studies from Mary Baldwin

  • Certified Transformational Coaching

  • ACT / CBT - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Certification

  • FAMI - Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music Facilitator                                                                                                   for Association of Music and Imagery

  • Creativity and Play/Expressive Arts Certifications

  • Many trainings with attachment therapy, childhood trauma in adults and                                                                        internal family systems work

  • Hospice Training

  • Reiki Master and Teacher Training Certifications

  • Labyrinth Facilitator and Training Certification

  • Experience and Training with LGBRQI populations

  • Experience and Training with Veterans who have Post Traumatic Stress

  • Experienced as Retreat Facilitator and Leader 

  • Experience in Family Farming, Rural Living and Production Agriculture




If at all possible, I respond within 2 business days

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