Bonny Method Guided Imagery and Music (GIM)


I facilitate GIM, which is a transformative, experiential therapy through the use of music and imagery.   GIM is a holistic approach to the healing power of music, mindfulness and a deeper connection.  It provides an opportunity to engage with internal awareness or consciousness, tap into your internal experience, seek inherent wisdom and to reconnect to the core of who you are. Through evoking your own imagery, you may find yourself becoming more spontaneous, and open to your own evolving experiences.  You may begin to show up for life more fully present and connect more deeply to your core values or your faith.  This can often create more authenticity both professionally and personally. 


As a trained GIM facilitator and Fellow, I offer supervision for those in training to become a GIM Fellow.  This includes supervising sessions the supervised is facilitating for clients and supervision for the personal sessions required during the GIM training.   I am available to do intensive weekends for multiple sessions.  


Schedule an appointment at 540-726-5586 or email




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