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I encourage you to imagine the possible solutions and gains you may get from working with me.

My work is trauma-informed, exploring and addressing issues from traditional and non-traditional perspectives, from individual, family systems and cultural perspectives.  

The ultimate goal is to help you decrease suffering, gain greater acceptance, fulfillment and meaning in life. Despite discomfort and challenges inherent in life, some of the possible benefits might include:

  • the ability to be more present to yourself and your relationships in your everyday life

  • finding practical, workable solutions  

  • managing change rather than chaos, drama or crisis

  • a more balanced lifestyle

  • an increased capacity for meaningful and compassionate relationships

  • new perspectives on current and past problems

  • awareness of old and new patterns that impact your sense of well-being

  • greater ability to be emotionally expressive, creative and assertive

  • increased sense of worthiness, self-esteem, independence and contentment

  • less anxiety, depression,  anger and diminished shame and guilt

  • a kinder, more compassionate view of your body and your experiences

  • acceptance of life as it is related to things you cannot change

  • a deeper connection to courage, creativity, resilience, faith and hope

  • a stronger sense of what matters in your life


  • Coping with ordinary and not-so-ordianary challenges.

  • Reducing struggle, anxiety and depression.

  • Creating insight and clarity.

  • Improving relationship skills.

  • Resolving identity issues.

  • Identifying and resolving core issues from childhood.

  • Addressing body issues.

  • Engaging in grief and trauma work.

  • Increasing post-traumatic growth.

  • Exploring being fully present in your experiences.

  • Increasing personal awareness and open consciousness.

  • Seeking positive change and transitions.

  • Engaging in collaborative endings and new beginnings.

  • Entering into a transformational process to find meaning


  • Solution-Oriented, Attachment Focus  within a Jungian and Resiliency perspective

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with Post-traumatic Growth

  • Walk'n'Talk and Outdoor Therapy for Grief-Loss Issues and Anxiety-Depression

  • Bonny Method of Guided Imagery Music

  • Reflective Expressive Therapy Processes

  • Transformational Life Coaching

  • Trauma-Informed Therapy, Adverse Childhood Events & Internal Family Systems

  • Reiki and Somatic, Mind-Body Work


My intent is to meet you as a person who is seeking to be the best you that is possible and to provide food for thought on possible ways that might happen.  In order for this to happen, you will need to be willing to be adaptive, tolerant, flexible and open to considering and trying different suggestions, tools and perspectives.

You are encouraged to approach your work with curiosity, openness and self-compassion as you learn about yourself and life.   I will help you develop insight into unmet needs, distorted beliefs, unhealthy patterns of behavior, defenses/avoidance coping patterns, feelings and longings, then support you while you make incremental changes in your life.

The process of becoming aware or conscious gives you access to what lies dormant in your unconscious.  Some of our most pressing issues live there; it is a place that holds the greatest potential for lasting change. The unconscious can be accessed through dreams, meditation/mindfulness, the body, creative expression, music and other non-verbal methods. These methods give you a deeper understanding of a true, authentic Self and allows you to begin to live from an internal knowing or wisdom, despite any outer circumstances.




If at all possible, I respond within 2 business days

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