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Wellness In Times Of On-Going Change

Has uncertainty in changes all around you brought lack of focus and loss?

Are you struggling with confusion, stress and anxiety?


Is your energy low/stuck or not flowing? Are your emotions on edge?

Do you need to nurture, relax, restore your energy but may not need or want therapy?

Does your body long for something that defies naming?  

Schedule A Session for Self-Care and Wellness

The times we are in are felt and experienced in ways that create emotional unrest, exhaustion, and fear.  Choose one of the experiential modalities below to work with your experiences during this uncertain time. 

Reiki Energy Work

GIM/Music Evoked Imagery 

Reflections with Expressive Process Work

Building a Practice: Mindfulness, Gratitude, Mandalas

Labyrinths: Learning to Walk as Movement & Mindfulness

Cost of all Self-care and Wellness Sessions are listed on Payment Page.

Covid guidelines strictly observed via CDC recommendations, when appropriate.     


Reiki is a hands-on technique that promotes rest and restoration.  Reiki is a powerful yet gentle method of healing touch that uses universal energy to promote profound peace and healing to the body, mind, spirit and soul.  Reiki is based on the concept that there is a "life force energy" flowing all around and that it is drawn in by the body to nourish the whole body.  This same human energy field also radiates from the body.    

When the body's energy is depleted, imbalanced or restricted, you are prone to more discomfort, angst and illness.  When the body's energy is restored, free-flowing or balanced, you are likely to feel more relaxed and your bodies' ability to heal and access wellness is boosted. 


Research has shown that energy therapies and energy medicine techniques can help decrease anxiety, diminish pain, strengthen the immune system and accelerate healing; whether by simply inducing the relaxation response or by reversing the stress response and its negative impact on the body.  

Time: 45- 60 minutes

In-Person or Zoom

What happens in a Reiki Session

Reiki is "hands-on" and is administered through a soft, gentle touch rather than pressure of massage.  The client is seated or lying down and fully clothed.  The practitioner's hands are placed along the energy centers and pathways on the head, neck, chest, abdomen, legs, feet and hands (similar to the body centers used by acupuncturists). As the energy is accepted by the body, the client may feel warmth, coolness, gentler tingling or just relaxation.  

                                      MUSIC EVOKED IMAGERY (MEI) / GUIDED IMAGERY MUSIC (GIM)

Time: 40-60 minutes

In-Person or Zoom

Screening: Requires screening to determine if it is an appropriate treatment modality for you at this time.

The heart and soul speak and grow through images, symbols and metaphor.  Music is a universal language that evokes imagery, metaphors and rituals.  MEI/GIM is a gentle way to approach the heart and soul to soothe, nurture and open them.  Using music in this way can open your heart to different perceptions and bring forth new understanding.  

What happens in a Session

  • The client chooses an intention, issue, emotion they want to sit with.

  • I (the guide) choose classic and other music programs to specifically support your intention.

  • The client focuses on the music as a container and connecter to explore, gain insight and bring forth what is within them.

  • The client is encouraged to share during the music.  The therapist may ask questions and makes notes to support the journey.

  • After the music ends, the client and therapist may process and connect dots to meaning or they may choose to respond with non-verbal processes, such as embodied movement or expressive therapies 

  • We may or may not connect the experience to a concrete commitment for daily life. 

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                                           REFLECTIVE EXPRESSIVE THERAPY PROCESSES

The body holds emotions and issues get stuck there.   Using expressive therapies as a response to ground yourself and work with loss, fear, anxiety, grief and trauma is a gentle way to process and move through stuck places.  Using therapeutic approaches can shift energy and bring forth new thoughts or change perceptions of circumstances, issues and concerns.  

Time: 45-60 minutes

In-Person or Zoom: A basic package supplies, which are not used by others, is provided. 

What happens in Sessions

  • The client shares a little about what the concern or issue is.

  • I (therapist) make suggestions as to a focus and/or what modality or art media might be useful.

  • Client chooses what and how to work from the amazing array of supplies in the studio.  

  • Client and therapist process and connect the process to the concern.  We may or may not also connect the process to a concrete commitment for daily life.  



A consistent practice can make an enormous different in symptoms related to stress, anxiety, insomnia, post-traumatic stress, depression and attention deficit disorder.




Mindfulness is a tool to encourage being present in this moment.  It is a way of paying attention without judgment or expectations to the present moment.  

  • Mindfulness and gratitude practices have been shown to change patterns and habits that are keeping people stuck.

  • Mandala practices give you a safe expressive tool for being present to healing possibilities.

Time: 30-45 minutes

In-Person or Zoom

What happens in a Session

  • The client is taught skills through guided experiential activities

  • The skills and activities are practiced daily at home.

  • Multiple and consistent sessions are generally needed to learn and anchor this as a practice.

  • Sessions are continued until you feel competent to continue the practice on your own. 


Sometimes the body needs to move to release energy. Being outdoors is also good for these difficult times.   If that is the case with you, schedule a time to learn about and experience labyrinth walking as a practice.  

Time: 30-60 minutes


What happens in a Session

  • Education is provided about the history and use of labyrinths..

  • An experiential walk is set up at a local labyrinth.

  • I will guide the 1st walk and process it with you.

  • You can them begin to use the labyrinth as a tool, returning on your own to walk


                                             CONTACT FOR INFORMATION OR CONCERNS



If at all possible, I respond within 2 business days

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