Reflective, Expressive Therapy

Exploration, Stress Reduction and Self-Care


  “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud 

    was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”- Anais Nin 


Regular use of Reflective, Expressive Therapies can be useful in dealing with the fast pace of life as well as with the major-minor life shifts, developmental changes and losses encountered in ordinary and not-so-ordinary experiences.  Research shows that expressive therapy can support body awareness and healing from grief, loss and trauma. The Expressive process helps honor and acknowledge a place of invisibility or no words that often happens both in deep pain or struggles, which can result in new, different perspectives and positive transformative healing.  If clients are willing, they are encouraged to access this modality as part of their treatment.


This group process is not therapy and is intended to be supportive and therapeutic for professionals, care-givers and others.   It is stress reducing, mindful and promotes self-awareness.   Participants tap into an intuitive process of creativity, self-expression, personal growth and renewal.    

A group might be a group of friends or a family seeking to spend time together in a special experience. It may be a professional staff training or renewal time; It might be part of a pre-wedding experience for a bride and bridesmaids or a ritual for a celebration/a beginning or an ending.  Perhaps a group has a theme, such as loss or is trauma-focused.  A group might simply be people looking for a meaningful experience.  Group space is limited. No previous experiences or trainings needed.  Cost is on individualized basis.  Currently offered with distanced face-to-face.  Can be an outdoor or indoor distanced setting.

Current Group Sessions Held Outdoors when Weather Permits or in Large Studio 6' apart with Masks.  

1.5-2 hours

Distancing and Masking required. 

Group number is less than 6 and limited.  

New Participant Screening Required

New participates may join when first 2 weeks of a group beginning.  After that, group becomes closed. 

Please call for specific information or to register


540-726-5586 or


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